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9 with Russia's parliament, on social networking site twitter, said the former employees of the cia snowden, have accepted venezuela's asylum, but tweets posted immediately deleted in a few minutes. Russian authorities declined to comment, and have been assisting snowden wikileaks denied that he will take refuge in venezuela.
Russia's parliament international affairs committee chairman pushpa peskov, in personal twitter first reported snowden asylum now accept that venezuela's suggestion, to the outside world thought snowden trend finally has a new progress.
But tweets in a few minutes was deleted and pushtun Krakow,cheap louboutin shoes clarify he is see Russian state television news didn't say this, but television has made denied, Krakow, says pushtun is misunderstood the news content.
Venezuela embassy in Moscow, the Russian presidential spokesman declined to comment, and the ministry of foreign affairs. And wikileaks is denied snowden asylum, has formally accepted venezuela said will be announced in due time about the decision.
Snowden believe is still in Moscow's sheremetyevo airport, has been stuck for more than two weeks. He earlier to submit an application for asylum, about 20 countries, venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, said promise, but snowden hasn't made a decision.
And another diplomatic incidents, Bolivia's President, evo morales, the plane last week by the European nations to doubt snowden refuse to transit event on board, Spain suddenly, one of the involved countries entrepot wind, said foreign minister ma kerioth], is willing to have any misunderstanding to apologize, but stressed that the authorities didn't close airspace or no special plane landed.


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